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ACCESS PLATFORMS / Access Platform

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Access Platform

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Access Platform


Access Platform

Vehicle Maintenance

Bailey Ladderweld Access platforms are designed safe, easy and efficient navigation in warehousing, vehicle maintenance, mining, aviation and heavy industry workplaces.



  • Super strong ‘fully welded’ design fabricated from heavy duty aluminium
  • Steel bracing under bottom tread and side bracing provides additional protection from impact damage
  • 100mm deep treads improve safety and comfort when climbing


  • Suited to ‘high frequency’ use.
  • ‘Walk thru’ design for stock picking and access to mezzanine floors, vehicle access and warehousing (no need to stock several products)
  • Work from three (3) sides
  • Large 125mm wheels – improved portability and ‘easy glide’ action
  • Large stable work platform (safe and stable) – 590mm x 800mm
  • Manually operated braking system with high-vis powder coated activation arm helps minimize unauthorised access
  • Two safety gates fitted (a 2 in 1 product allowing for walk-thru access)
  • Toe board on three sides (helps secure tools/ accessories)
  • Shelf included


  • Made to AS/ NZS 1892.1
  • 170kg load rating
  • Industrial duty rating for use on commercial sites
  • Meets Work Cover requirements (safety gate + 900mm handrail, toeboard)


  • Supplied as a ‘flat pack’ for optimal transporting
  • Standard size fasteners improve assembly time
  • Assembly video. View on YouTube.

For heavy duty industrial trade/commercial use by professional contractors, tradespersons, workplaces, serious DIY/handyman. Made to the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Standards AS/NZS 1892.1


Product Number Model Name Reach Height Platform Height Product Weight EAN Code
FS13591 Access Platform 3 2.8m 828mm 38.1kg 9312097059436
FS13592 Access Platform 4 3.1m 1104mm 40.6kg 9312097059443
Access Platform 5 3.4m 1381mm 43kg 9312097059450
Access Platform 6 3.7m 1656mm 46kg 9312097059467
Access Platform 7 3.9m 1933mm
48.5kg 9312097059474
Access Platform 8 4.2m 2209mm 51kg 9312097059481
Access Platform 10 4.8m 2761mm 62kg 9312097059498
FS13598 Access Platform 12 5.3m 3313mm 69kg 9312097059504
FS13599 Access Platform 14 5.9m 3866mm 76.4kg 9312097059511


Product Number Model Name Fully Open Dimensions (W x D mm)
FS13591 Access Platform 3 724 x 1168
FS13592 Access Platform 4 764 x 1309
FS13593 Access Platform 5 804 x 1451
FS13594 Access Platform 6 844 x 1592
FS13595 Access Platform 7 884 x 1733
FS13596 Access Platform 8 924 x 1875
FS13597 Access Platform 10  1003 x 2157
FS13598 Access Platform 12 1083 x 2440
FS13599 Access Platform 14 1164 x 2723

All product dimensions indicated are approximate. Click here for more information.

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